Congratulations you win!


If you have received a mail and are not sure if it is from Nigeria-Connection you are invited to browse and search free in our extensive database of fraud mails.

If you find a similar mail to yours it might well be it is Nigeria-Connection and it is advisable not even to answer anymore.

Be advised they are not only working with Email.

14Since years they also respond to several advertisements where people want to sell real estate or cars, and they are very busy on social networks and dating websites.

If you want to sell something you have the hope or expectation to sell it. It does not matter if it is a car or a building. They will send you an email telling you they buy it, and they are even prepared to pay more.

They are masters of creating illusions and dreams but there is a problem… -the dream will turn fast into a never ending nightmare if you dont stop them.

Their usual concept with a “confidential business transaction” is sent around on Skype, Facebook, Linked In, XING in several languages.

13They are very busy in International dating websites like or and they approach men and women.

They have all the time of the world and they pretend to fall in love. Unfortunately there are many single men and women out there and their risk to fall into love with a person that never exists is high.

Sooner or later your future lover will tell you to visit you to hold you in his or her arms. This is usually planned to do on a business trip. You will soon get a message from your “lover” he or she has a big problem and needs your help.

They might pretend all their money is lost and he or she is alone in a hotel…… -it is the start of a very bad drama and you have to help them!

And of course you are helping and sending money. If problems continue you are asked to send more money, -as long as you realise your lover is just a fraudster.