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As Alternative to long travel to meet us we offer two different Live-Chats with personal Consultancy Facilities.

With our normal Live-Chat you are chatting with one of our operators and can ask questions.



With our virtual 3D-Chat (also LIVE of course) you are moving in our virtual office and chat (keyboard) or talk (Voip) with one of our consultants. You cannot only see what your consultant is writing but you can see him and can even see his reaction.


To participate on our 3D-Chat you will need to download our FREE OCS (Online Consultancy Software)

salesboxHERE  downloadocs

We guarantee the software is virus-free and without any malware.

The virtual office you can enter with OCS is part of a global virtual network where you can meet persons from all over the world. If you want you can communicate via OCS with them or not. It is your decision.

office1After installing OCS and entering the system you will arrive in a Welcome Center where you can learn how to interact with people and things around you.

Everything is very easy.

You navigate with the cursor up, right, left and back. With the help of your mouse you can open doors by clicking on them (if you are close enough).

The software is easy to understand. You arrive in our offices by turning in the Welcome Center and entering the EXIT door.

With your next visit you will arrive direct in our transport leading you to our offices direct.

If you have any questions you can contact Live-Support with Live-Chat.

We look forward meeting you.

See you soon!