Congratulations you win!

Alhaji Mohammed Abacha


I am Mohammed from Nigeria son of a former military ruler of Nigeria. Permit me to go into a halal and genuine business with you. I cannot bring in back my family money worth (US$19,000,000.00) overseas. I want to present you as my family new beneficiary so that this money can be transferred to your account. I know that you will be surprised reading this message, but i am asking you sincerely in the name of Allah for this help

Thank you for your interest to assist my family in this transaction as my family’s movement are been restricted from public functions. I do not have any direct access to collect the funds myself. The funds is presently in the custody of a finance house in London With due respect, I would like you to send me some of your personal information to enable my family know whom really we are entrusting this funds to. The details we need from you is stated below

(1).Your full names as it appears on any of your identity.

(2). Scan and send the first page of your National ID card or any form of an identity.

(3).Your current contact address.

I will send you my details ,there after give you the contact information of the finance company to enable you contact them for the release of this funds into your account. After the transfer of this funds you will get 25 % of the ($20, 500,000 USD) (Twenty Million Five Hundred Thousand USD) as your share.

Please feel free to call me on my private telephone number anytime 234-8035719711 so that we can have an oral discussion on how to take the next step forward and I guarantee you that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law.

Be informed that my family and I will be counting on you and I have agreed that you will also assist us to invest our own share of the funds in your country immediately after this transaction and we also advise you to handle this business with seriousness because I strongly believed that if you do this transaction will be concluded on time. also remember that this transaction is confidential.

With Regards
Alhaji Mohammed Abacha