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Since many years Business people but also private people receive mails or letters from the so-called Nigeria-Connection.

It is a group of people who reside in Africa (mainly Nigeria) and they try to defraud with the following system:

They pretend they have access to a large amount of money but they need your help!

To be precise they need the help of your bank account where they want to send an amount of appr. US$ 20 million Dollars (amounts may be totally different!).dedo trasgresor

If you accept this proposal they offer you a large portion of the money (usually around 30 %) for your “effort” and services.

Do not believe this story!

The money does not exist. It never did.

If you answer them you will be asked very soon to submit funds yourself… -and usually with a very good explanation.

They will send you written confirmation of an African bank that the transfer is ready to go.. -but there is a stamp duty to pay… -or the fee for a notary… -or the fee for a lawyer.

If you send money you will not see it again.

If you send money they will even approach you with a second and third try.

We heard about cases where people invested trust and sent funds and even more funds. In order to find out what happened they travelled to Lagos and after realising they had been defrauded they committed suicide inside their hotelrooms.

Those guys and girls are really ruthless and they are always very creative to find new ways to cheat.

We have copied the last recent mails from them. In order to view the database of all mails with their names you can use a Search-Function and you can send us direct mails and get advise what to do.

Do not answer their mails!

If you have received a mail but don’t find the name of the sender of our list it does not mean you have received a genuine offer.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

In the last years the Nigeria-Connection has devloped new versions of their old successful concept and they have moved their activities to popular websites for car sales, real estate and partnership databases.

You can find them on Skype, Facebook, Twitter and all social networks.

Be careful if a proposal sounds too good to be true. It probably is.

To access our database and to get direct personal help you need to register with us. Registration is absolutely FREE. The only thing necessary is a valid and working Email-Address.

We are no longer updating our database.

Everybody who is still believing this bullshit cannot be helped anyway.

Good luck and stay safe!