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Phylliss Way

Dear Friend,
Its a please to make contact with you.
With due respect to your person and much sincerity of purpose, i have a business proposal which I will like to handle with you and this involves a contract payment already approved on an oil service contract my client executed few years back and we need a third party to stand as beneficiary because of logistic
reasons and this payment will be processed on a an offshore account with online banking facilities and a MasterCard which will be delivered to your address.
The value of this transaction is USD500,000,000.00 only and you have no documentation fees to be paid as we have already paid and we only need you to stand as beneficiary and make claim application to the company and bank where the funds will be paid by loading the funds on an online account with a masterCard  facility to be delivered to your address.
Be rest assured that everything is legal and risk free as I have concluded all the arrangements and the legal papers that will back the transaction up.
Kindly indicate your interest as to enable me tell you more detail of the proposal and the modalities approved.
Waiting for your urgent response and your call on my number in Switzerland +41435084753.
Yours Faithfully,
Ms. Phylliss Way
Alternative Email:
Telephone: +41435084753