Prof. Vincent Kisenyi

Yours Attn.
Please Treat As Confidential Message:
I hope this message will meet you in good faith, please pardon me for reaching you in this manner  because you do not know me, I am hoping that by this means we can establish a mutual relationship in regards to the reason why I contacted you.
I have an obscure proposal of mutual interest to share with you. I got your email address from the Internet data base directories through my search for a relatively unknown person who will assist me in securing a large sum of amount as I will explain to you later.
   I am Prof. Vincent Kisenyi, Dean of  Faculty of  Business Administration of  the Uganda Christian University.
I will need you to assist us in executing a charity project. It involves the securing of a large sum of  fund. Everything concerning this proposal shall be legally done without hitch if you are willing to consider this proposal.
I will kindly request that you endeavor to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this message if my proposal is accepted by you due to the confidential nature of this proposal and if this proposal is not acceptable by you, kindly delete this email and do not pass it to a third person because I vehemently risk my career to send you this email.
   I am presently on a foreign committee appointment in Europe through the United Nations charity project fund of Uganda as head of a world wide fund raising program for charity projects in Uganda.
   Once the transaction I am proposing to you have been successfully completed if accepted by you and the fund in question is in your possession, we shall be offering to you a  ratio to be agreed upon as remuneration for your services.
    Let me get your opinion first regarding this proposal, after that I will furnish you with more information about this proposal.
     You are to contact me on my secure email address below for further details if this proposal is accepted by you:
Thanks and waiting for your urgent response.
Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Vincent Kisenyi
(Dean:  Faculty of  Business Administration, Uganda Christian University)

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