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Mrs Llana Shneor

My Name is Mrs Llana Shneor from Israel. I need your assistance on a private matter regarding investment and charity work. Please your urgent respond will be appreciated. I look [ … ]


You have received this link of City of Albany, CA from: CHARITY FUNDS <> Hallo ich habe eine Wohltätigkeitsfonds für Sie im Wert von $ 4.00,000.00. Ich gewann den [ … ]

Mr. Akira Mori

                                                                Charity/Investment Project My name is Mr. Akira Mori, a merchant in Tokyo, Japan. I have recently been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer, which has defiled all medical treatment. Expert diagnosis [ … ]

AbdulHamid Saeed

I am sorry to contact you through this medium. I am Mr. Abdul Hamid Mohammed Saeed, Managing Director and Board Member of First Gulf Bank here in UAE . I [ … ]


FROM THE DESK OF: ALFRED ROBERT AUDITING AND ACCOUNTING SECTION OF A BANK IN UNITED KINGDOM .   Attention Please,   This message might meet you in utmost surprise, however,it’s [ … ]

Mrs Gina Rinehart

My Dear Beloved Greetings to you my Dear Beloved, my name is Mrs. Gina Rinehart, a great citizen of Australia,born in Perth, Western Australia,I have a mission for you worth [ … ]

Mrs Mariam

My dear, I’m sorry to bother you today. My name is Lero Mariam and I’m currently admitted in the hospital due to my cancer and my doctor told me that [ … ]