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Tag: Dear Sir Madam

David Louis (Esq)

DAVID LOUIS SOLICITORS AND ASSOCIATES. 3 Whit More Gardens London, NW10 5HH Tel: +44-770-0308-883 Dear Sir/Madam, RE: MUTUAL PARTNERSHIP My apologies for barging into your privacy without prior notification. I [ … ]

Alfred Mzanzi

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY & MINERAL RESOURCES JOHANNEBURG, SOUTH AFRICA. Tel: 27 73 740 5137 Email:   Dear Sir/Madam   URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL After my official enquiry from the foreign [ … ]

Mr.Sam Chan

Dear Sir/Madam, Are you in need of a loan?? (Secured and Unsecured Loan at 3 % rate) MR.SAM CHAN  a financial lender and consultant of SIAM TRUST LOAN COMPANY LTD., [ … ]