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Konan Kamga

Greetings, Please receive my greetings and wishes for good health, personal and professional accomplishments. I am writing to ask for your kind assistance to enable me execute a very lucrative [ … ]

Halford Peter

Hello, It is my pleasure to seek your consent in this financial proposal as the beneficiary of this investment deposit. I am Mr. Halford Peter, an auditor of a finance [ … ]

Beena Anil Biswas

Our company is based in United States and Europe. We give out loan to any individual and company at 3% interest rate yearly. For more information, Contact Email : [ … ]

Mr. Hashim

Dear Sir, I write to appeal for your co-operation to enable us secure on your behalf a t r a n s f e r of US$28.5M c o nt [ … ]

Ali Al-Kilani

I am Hon.Ali Al-Kilani a descendant and former cabinet member of Libyan Arab People’s Socialist Republic.I have an issue that I would want to share with you and I will [ … ]

Dr.Peter McWealth

FROM: DR. PETER McWEALTH DIRECTOR: WORLD FUND DISCOVERY MANAGEMENT AND PAYMENT BUREAU. This letter is from World Fund Discovery Management And Payment Bureau newly invented by the World Financial [ … ]