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Martine Buma

Ich bin ein Banker, unseren verstorbenen ausländischen Kunden Goldhändler war in einem schrecklichen Autounfall verwickelt zu hören in Accra Ghana und starb nächsten Angehörigen, verließ er seine Anzahlung Vererbung Fonds [ … ]

Ben Benson

You have been awarded US$500,000 by Western Union office, Pls contact Mr. Ben Benson via Email below for quick payment. Email:

Mr. Hashim

Dear Sir, I write to appeal for your co-operation to enable us secure on your behalf a t r a n s f e r of US$28.5M c o nt [ … ]

Mr. K. William

Hello, We are pleased to inform you that a transfer payment of US$ (One Million United States Dollars) has been made in your favour through our Automatic Teller Machine (ATM [ … ]

Mr.Karim Ayeh

Attention,The Beneficiary With all due respect, I want to know if you authorize Mr.Walter Edward to claim your unpaid yearly compensation (US $950,000 USD) that approved to pay you by [ … ]

Rebecca Dodson

Dear sir, Are you the owner of this email address? if yes, then congratulations! The result of the long awaited 2013 United Nations Foundation International Grant award  released this morning [ … ]

Mr. J.B. Clottey

From: Mr. J.B. Clottey, External and Internal Audit Control Unit. Bank of Ghana . Good day, I am Mr. J.B. Clottey. I have emailed you earlier on without any response [ … ]