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Asad Alam

Attention Beneficiary Based on the final audit of the year 2015 by the World Bank and Swiss Economic recovery and reconciliation committee we bring to your attention that we have [ … ]

Yamani Kunte

Dear Friend,   How are you and your family, i am sorry for bagging into your privacy, I am Yamani Kunte, 20 years old and the only child of my late [ … ]


You have received this link of City of Albany, CA from: CHARITY FUNDS <> Hallo ich habe eine Wohltätigkeitsfonds für Sie im Wert von $ 4.00,000.00. Ich gewann den [ … ]


Dear Friend! My name is GIBSON SCOTT,I’M an American citizen working with Royal Dutch Shell in Majnoon oil field Basra in Iraq it is my pleasure to write you today. [ … ]

Mr. Akira Mori

                                                                Charity/Investment Project My name is Mr. Akira Mori, a merchant in Tokyo, Japan. I have recently been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer, which has defiled all medical treatment. Expert diagnosis [ … ]