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Yamani Kunte

Dear Friend,   How are you and your family, i am sorry for bagging into your privacy, I am Yamani Kunte, 20 years old and the only child of my late [ … ]

David Louis (Esq)

DAVID LOUIS SOLICITORS AND ASSOCIATES. 3 Whit More Gardens London, NW10 5HH Tel: +44-770-0308-883 Dear Sir/Madam, RE: MUTUAL PARTNERSHIP My apologies for barging into your privacy without prior notification. I [ … ]

Maria Carmen De Nuniz

****Congratulations!! This mail is to notify you that your Email Address attached to a Reference Number: EG/069713160012 and a Batch nr:LAP/14/0017/ESP won an Award Sum of $515,810.00 Dollars (Five Hundred [ … ]

Mr. Park Kwang

Dear Partner, I am sending you this email through the internet with reservations, basically because you may perceive my intentions wrongly. The issue I want to unravel to you is [ … ]

Dr. Jani Venter

The 7th Marnet Stock Lottery  12 Brighton Surbiton Surrey KT6 5NE United Kingdom Registered No:  UK/5550394 Serial No:  UK/9-22010/09 Draw No: 1029/SML   We congratulate you this day as you [ … ]