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Edward Lametek Adamu

Dear friend,

After a serious thought i decided to contact you because i know you were not told the truth from the beginning of this claim, that is why you have not been able to receive your over due payment. I am Edward Lametek Adamu, the Deputy Governor, Corporate Services, Central bank Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I over heard the new Finance Minister along with some of your partners discussing to divert your overdue funds to a Swiss bank account. I considered it very necessary to let you know about it, so you can work with me and have this your funds processed and transferred in to your bank account. Get back to me for directives on how we will immediately stop this evil plan of the Finance Minister.

The Governor must not know i am working with you.The only document holding the release of your funds is the TC1 FORM, and the 9 pages classified transfer document that must be endorsed by you only, and return back to me so i can process the transfer through the Central Bank Nigeria. I am very convinced that you were not told this before, I want to let you know that once the TC1 FORM is procured and 9 pages transfer document endorsed, then consider your funds already released to any bank account of your choice, or any payment option you deemed fit to receive your funds.

Once you indicate your interest to work with me, i will give you step by step directives on how we will go about the process of transferring this funds to your nominated bank account,without any more delay,or better still through ATM Card payment system under 72 hours upon the receipt of the above requested information.

I await your early reply.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Lametek Adamu

Deputy Governor, Corporate Services.

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