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Mrs.Rose Obianu

Attn: Dear beneficiary

Good-day to you, How are you doing today? Hope fine. First, my name is Mrs.Rose Obianu, personal assistant to Sabiu Yusuf Tunde, the new secretary to the President Muhammadu Buhari. Well my boss as i mentioned before directed me to burn down all the files in his cupboard and dust the entire office as the new Appoints secretary to the President Muhammadu Buhari, when he resume office.

During this time While I was doing that, it occurred in my mind to go through some files before burning them so while going through it I discovered one file that was related to a certain payment of about $5.5 million dollars that have already been programmed in an automatic teller machine popularly known as ATM card for your UN scam victim compensation from UN, and as i was Planning on how to contact you and send it across to you.

Then someone send me a sad news message email about you with your email address included that you are involved in auto ghastly motor accident that crashed, which happened last week and you accidentally hit your car badly which claimed your life and he is here to stand as your next of kin and also to justify his statement he send us a new address where we will send him the card with pin to him, and that’s why i am contacting you on your email dirct to know if it is truth or lie, so please confirm to me immediately if you are still alive before any further proceedings to him, if in three days from now I didn’t hear from you I will proceed with him.

God bless you

Mrs.Rose Obianu

Personal assistant

To the secretary to The president

Federal republic of Nigeria

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